You Can't Take the Credit

Unmerited Grace

When my daughter still believed in Santa Claus, I made it a point to let her know that although he delivered the gifts, I was the one who paid for them. I didn’t mind her imagination getting caught up in the the North Pole, elves, and the whole Santa bit. However, I wanted to be clear on how she was able to receive the gifts. In my mind I was like: Santa you can’t take the credit for the work I put in to provide for these long awaited gifts. 

I’m sure many of you would agree. 


We all like to receive credit when it is due to us. Whether it’s receiving teacher of the year, a bonus for landing a new account, appreciation for providing for your family, or graduating from school; if we put in the work, we want to be the one recognized. Even if it is not expressed, no one is perfectly fine with another person stepping in to receive the accolades for the time, sweat and tears you put in to make things happen.

Just as you can’t take the credit for work you haven’t done, there is nothing you can do to earn God’s grace.


So many people think that their behavior determines whether God loves them or if His grace will be given. You can’t take the credit for a gift that is only given from God. Yes, God wants you to follow His instructions and live right, but He will not withhold His grace from you if you choose to live otherwise. Actually, the point of grace is to grant favor on sinners that is not deserved. Unlike people, who tend to cut others off after a mistake or exercising poor judgement, God continues to show kindness.

You can first read about this grace in Genesis chapter six. The world had become so wicked and God was angry with His creation. He was grieved so much so, that He decided to destroy everything that had breath. Noah, however, a man who had a close walk with God, “found favor in the eyes of the Lord”. He and his entire family were spared from the destruction of the world. Noah was born into sin just as everyone else. What distinguished him from the others was his relationship with God. He wasn’t a perfect man but He was connected to God and he followed His instructions.

 You and I have access to that same favor.

We gained access to God’s favor when we made the decision to accept Him as our Lord & Savior. It was nothing that we had to work to obtain. Do you even realize that Jesus took a punishment that was meant for us? He who was without sin, doing nothing but good, took on the sins of the world. It should have been us up on the cross, but because of grace. We should have taken the lashes, however the grace of God wouldn’t let it be. Even if you are knee deep in sin today, know that His grace is sufficient and will keep you from falling. There is nothing you can do to gain such a wonderful gift. You can’t take the credit for it nor earn it. All you do is receive it.

                                                                                             In Relentless Pursuit,

                                                                                                Brandi Michelle


“God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it.” – Ephesians 2:8-9 (NLT)


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