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Without Vision

In life, it’s inevitable that we will make mistakes. Regardless of the issues we face, we all have a choice on what we decide to focus on. Either we can focus on the past or look forward to changing our future. However, without vision, we could remain chained to what we could never change.

having vision

This month I’ve been concentrating on goal setting and having a vision for your life. To be honest, sometimes it’s hard to see what’s ahead of you when all you can see is what’s around you. These are moments where we need the Lord to guide our way.

God will give you vision.


An example of God giving vision is in the story of Noah starting in Genesis chapter 6. He was a righteous man that lived in a world full of chaos. The fact that the Lord wanted to end the human race because of all the corruption that was going on, could serve as proof that Noah was surrounded by disorder and confusion. 

Sometimes when we’ve grown accustomed to our surroundings, it’s hard to envision anything outside of it.


This was a day and time where it had never rained on earth. So for God to give Noah a vision to build a boat as protection from a flood had to be very confusing for him. It could not have made sense to Noah for God to want him to prepare for something that had never happened before.

We don’t always have the ability to visualize our future. However, as long as we are connected to God, He will give us a vision for our lives that we never saw coming. In order for it to come to fruition, we must be like Noah and trust the directions that God gives us.

Step by Step


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said:

faith is taking the first step

Noah could not imagine what he was called to do because it was unheard of at that time. Against the odds of looking foolish, he made a choice to take it step by step even though he couldn’t see the ending result. Though he was without vision, his relationship with God gave him a vision that not only saved his family but it started the human race that we know it today.

Without vision, the people perish.


If it were not for Noah’s obedience in following the vision God gave him, the entire human population would have perished in the flood.

In spite of what you may see in the natural, ask God to help you see what He sees. Don’t allow the mistakes of your past, block the vision of your future. You might not be able to see your way, but faith is trusting the One who is guiding you.

So if you have not given any thought to what direction you want your life to go, take some time to envision where you want to see yourself in the next 3, 5 or 10 years. After you have a vision, make a plan on what you need to do to get there. In the words of Helen Keller, 

Sight no vision


Don’t allow another day to go by without knowing what it is you want out of life. It’s never too late, the time is now!

Have you ever found yourself without a vision? If so, comment below and share how you were able to regain it. You never know who you may encourage.


In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle



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