Encourage yourself in the Lord

What Happens When You Encourage Yourself?

Have you ever found yourself facing something that seemed to be bigger than what you thought you could handle? Oftentimes situations like this can get us down and sometimes depressed. However, have you ever thought about what happens when you encourage yourself?

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During moments when I begin to second guess my life and what I am supposed to do, my natural response is to have a pity party. As I have grown in my faith journey, my pity parties now have a short time span. I will acknowledge how I’m feeling in the moment but I quickly begin to encourage myself through the Word of God.


You may ask, what does it look like to encourage yourself in the Lord? As for myself, I have a few ways of doing this and majority of the time my flesh doesn’t want to do any of them. But just as you can allow yourself to focus on “whoa is me”, you can put that same energy into building yourself up.


Some examples of how I do this includes opening up the Bible app and reading through a devotion. Sometimes I have to speak God’s Word out loud to remind myself of what He promised me.trust in God Other times I may watch a sermon of one of the pastors I follow on YouTube. I don’t know about you, but music moves me in so many ways. So I am quick to listen to one of my many worship playlist and go all in with praise to encourage myself. Even if I may be in a position where I can’t do any of these things, I can ALWAYS say a prayer to myself. Sometimes it is as simple as “Lord, help me.”


If you read 1 Samuel chapter 30, you will read about David and a particular dilemma he was facing. He found himself having lost everything that was important to him. Not only that, but those who were once for him, were plotting to turn against him. What is a person to do in this situation? Well, David encouraged himself in the Lord.

David encouraged himself

What Happens When You Encourage Yourself


As you read, you can find three things that happened when David encouraged himself.

1) You Move Based On Wisdom Not Feelings


It is so easy to react under pressure but this is a foolish thing to do. Trust me I know and had to learn the hard way. After David had his pity party he went to God to seek wisdom and asked Him what he should do.

If we’re honest, we have been or are still guilty of calling up someone and asking them what to do first. Or we panic and do the first thing our irrational mind can come up with. Next time you find yourself in this predicament, do like David and go to God first.

Seek God first


2) God Will Go Before You


After David asked God what to do, God gave him instructions. Not only did He tell David what to do, but He also told him what would be the result. Incrooked path order for God to know the result, He had to have gone ahead of David and worked everything out on his behalf.



3) You Will Come Out Victorious


Now this is not to say that the road is going to be easy to get to victory, but we must remember that God will work everything out for our good.


While David was on the journey that God sent him on, some people who went along with him didn’t have what it took to go all the way with him. David even found himself growing weak along the way. However, because it was God who sent him on this path, it was also God that sent what David needed to strengthen him during this time.


What I have found is that when you operate outside of God’s will for your life, you have to be the one to sustain yourself. It is when you align yourself with God’s plan that He will meet your needs regardless of what trials you face in the process. 


What Happens When You Encourage Yourself


when God comes through


So I want to encourage anyone who has found themselves in a situation where they don’t know what to do. Encourage yourself by seeking God first and follow His lead. By doing these things, you can expect to walk into your victory.


I would love to hear some ways in which you encourage yourself. Please share below in the comments.


In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle


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    I think they call this “self-talk” out in the world. I really appreciate your approach to this topic. I had to do this the other day when I was feeling anxious about my son and his behavior. I had to remind myself of God’s promises. And I felt much better afterwards, more hopeful and filled with peace. I think the Holy Spirit helps us in this process. Thanks so much, Brandi!

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      Brandi Michelle

      I agree that the Holy Spirit helps us with this process. He allows us to see things from a different perspective when we reach out for His help. Summer, I appreciate you sharing your story. Blessings to you! 💞

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    Heather Hart

    This is such a great post, Brandi! I have a friend that I text regularly. We encourage one another when we are feeling low.


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