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Run Your Own Race

Have you ever looked at what someone else has done that worked out for them and thought if you did it, you’d get the same results? Everything is not for everybody. So what may work for others doesn’t necessarily mean it would do the same for you. This is why it’s important to run your own race. 


One of the events I enjoy watching during the summer Olympics is track and field. Here you see some of the fastest people in the world running in hopes of taking home the gold medal for their country. In order to prepare for this monumental event, each racer has to find a regimen that works for them.


What they eat, how often they run, how they exercise, and the amount of sleep they get, are all factored into their preparation. They have trainers who tailor a plan that works specifically for them and the race they have to run.


Where Is Your Focus?


It is so easy for us to pay so much attention to what someone else is doing that we fail to focus on our own life. If you’ve ever watched a relay race, then you know that the runners run as a team. There are typically four laps, and with each lap, the runner passes a baton to the next runner on the team. In order to keep the momentum and not lose footage, the upcoming runner begins to slowly run as their teammate gets closer to them. 


As they are running forward, they are not looking back trying to grab the baton. However, the current runner has to make sure they get close enough to the upcoming runner so they can place it in their hand.


Run Your Own Race


When you run your own race, you are not looking back trying to figure out what the person behind you is doing. Your focus is on what’s ahead.


The bible tells us in Philippians 3:13-14


We must press forward to our future and not get stuck in the past. The biggest thing that can hinder you from pressing toward your goal is looking back at what didn’t happen.


                                                        That job you didn’t get

                                                      The relationship that failed

                                                          A severed friendship

                                           The school you didn’t get accepted into

                                              The loan that didn’t get approved


Looking back at what went wrong is equivalent to the upcoming runner getting distracted by another team that is ahead of them. Focusing on who is about to pass you can cause you to drop the baton you need to propel you into your next level.


Each Race Is Different


Run your own race even if it looks different than what you thought. Your classmates may be successful working in Corporate America but after having kids, you and your spouse decide it’s best for you to become a stay at home mom. Don’t discount your decision. Run your own race.


Your friends are getting married and starting families yet you’re still unmarried. Don’t settle for a relationship just to stay face. Run your own race and wait for God’s best.



Discipline yourself and run your own race with purpose. Don’t do something just because others are doing it or because it’s a trend. Do it for a prize that extends beyond what you can receive on this earth. After all, God will only grace you to do what He has called you to do. Anything else you’ll find to be a struggle.


So regardless of who is watching, run your own race. It may take you a little longer or you hit some detours along the way. Despite that fact, stay the course and continue running the pace God has set for you. There is a prize that waiting for you when you cross the finish line but you won’t obtain it focusing on another team’s progress.


In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle


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