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Persevere When It’s Hard

How do you persevere when it’s hard? I’m referring to facing difficult situations while continuing to function on the task at hand. Does it come easy to you or do you tend to make an excuse for not completing the work?


Chdwick Boseman hero


As many of you already know, we recently lost one of the greatest actors of this time, Chadwick Boseman. Hearing this news was a major shock to the lives that he has touched. After all, he was only 43 years old and in the prime of his career. What was even more shocking was that he battled colon cancer for the past 4 years and no one in the public knew about it.


So if I counted correctly, that means he played in 8-10 films during this 4-year time span. His family stated that during the filming of some of these movies, Chadwick underwent chemotherapy and several surgeries, yet those he worked with did not know.


Strength in Silence


What does it take to have that type of perseverance? To get up and face each day as if you are not fighting the hardest battle of your life. How do you preserve when it’s hard?


tough times


If you have seen any interviews or read any articles on Chadwick, he has made it known that he was a man of faith. If I had to guess, I would say that it was his faith in God that got him through. 


black panther

This scripture is so befitting in answering the question of how to persevere when it’s hard. When you love God and remain dedicated to the work He has given you, you will be rewarded. I’d like to think that maybe this was something Chadwick held on to during his battle.


Knowing all that he accomplished while under trial reminds me to remain focused on my calling in spite of anything that comes my way.


Who Do You Know?


I’m sure many of you know of someone close to you that has persevered during the hard times. I saw first hand through my mother that when your faith is built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, there isn’t anything that can steal your joy away.


When I think back, even now, I am amazed at the strength my mother had in her toughest moments. To be honest with you, I can’t even see myself being that strong. However, never say never. When you are face to face with your Goliath and you’re leaning on God to fight your battle, I can testify that He gives you strength that’s incomprehensible. A strength that you never knew you had.


do not lose heart


I encourage you to take the loss of this great man and the countless other men and women who fought the good fight of faith, and remember to persevere when it’s hard. 


As the Bible states, our troubles are just for a moment. When we fix our focus on Christ and completing the tasks we have been given, not only are we bringing glory to God but we are being renewed with His strength.


So keep pressing towards the goal, despite your circumstance. A reward awaits us here on earth if we don’t give up. And like Chadwick Boseman, a better, eternal reward awaits us in heaven.


In Relentless Pursuit,


Brandi Michelle


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