Party of Three

When we think of marriage, we automatically think of a husband and wife. That’s all that it consists of, right? Well in a lot of marriages, yes. However, if you desire a successful, godly marriage, you have to make room for a party of three.

Society glorifies that in a relationship it is the couple against the world. There are many marriages that have this same mentality. Your motto maybe “as long as we have other, we can conquer anything”. This thinking, unfortunately, can be a set up for failure.

Mark 10:9

Yes, the Bible says to leave your mother and father and to cleave to each other. However, if God is the one who joined you, then God should be in the middle of your marriage holding you together.

For anyone who is or has been married, you know that there will come points in time where you do not like your spouse. You may love them with everything in you but sometimes you can’t stand to be around them. In these moments, if you don’t realize that the feeling is normal and temporary, you rough patch in marriagecan easily mistake it for something not being right in your marriage. Even if your marriage does hit a rough patch if you’ve been living under the expression that it’s you against the world, who is going to be for you when you are against each other?


It takes more than love.


When you plan for your marriage to include a party of three instead of just the two of you, you will be better prepared to weather the storms that will come. I know we like to think that because we are in love with a person that things will somehow work themselves out. This is putting too much expectation on two imperfect people. Keeping God in the center

Having God be the glue that holds you together will make all the difference than trying to handle your issues on your own or not at all. Since God is the One who established marriage, we should rely on His help to navigate us through it.

Being alone leaves us vulnerable and exposed. Having a partner allows your back to be covered by having an extra set of eyes. But in a marriage, the two become one so you will need a third party who will have you both covered on all sides. 

In everything thing you experience in marriage, go to God first.


Before you decide to uproot your family and move, converse with God about it. Instead of calling up your girlfriend or homeboy to get their opinion about something, check with God first. If your spouse is not operating as they should, take your requests to the One who created them. He will never steer you wrong or lead you astray. It is only when we take matters into our owns hands that things begin to get out of order.

So if you are considering marriage or currently some years in, place God in the middle of it. He will draw you closer to each other when the world is trying to pull you apart.

Let me know your thoughts below or share how God has been the glue in your marriage. I would love to hear your testimony.


In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle

“A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.” -Ecclesiastes 4:12 NLT


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