One More Time

Have you ever got into a situation that you didn’t know how to get out of? I’m talking about one of those where you have messed up to the point that you don’t see how things will work in your favor. You ask yourself “How did I get myself into this?” or “I can’t believe I’m here again!”. Trust me, I know this feeling all too well. You tell yourself over and over how things are going to change but somehow you find yourself back at square one. If God could just help you one more time, you promise to get it right next time.

And next time comes, and a time after that…


But you find yourself still struggling with the same thing. I think that we find ourselves no further along because we never surrendered our will for God’s. We may say that we need to save money because we’re tired of being broke but that doesn’t stop us from spending money. Even though we need to lose 30 lbs, somehow we continue to consume those donuts and sweets. No matter how many times we say we are not going to do something again, if we haven’t surrendered it over to God, we will fall back into the same cycle.

Take Jonah for instance


God called him to warn a city called Nineveh, to turn from their wicked ways or His wrath would fall upon the city. I guess this wasn’t in Jonah’s plan for his life so he chose to run away from God and ignore His command.

How many of us can relate to doing what we want to do rather than what we know or sense God leading us to do?


Well to make a long story short, Jonah continued to find himself in predicaments that were not favorable for him. Constantly he found himself in more trouble each time he chose to disobey God. Jonah got to a point where he was tired of going through trial after trial. He realized it was God that saved him each time. Knowing he hadn’t been obedient and done what he should have, he just needed God to save him one more time. Being merciful as He is, God saved him and gave him another chance to do what he was originally told to do.

My question is, why do we wait until our backs are up against a wall before we decide to follow God’s leading? 


Do we not understand that God’s ways are higher than ours? No matter what we have planned for ourselves, it is God’s plan that will prevail. We can choose to take the long or short route getting there. Trying to do things our way and in our time will only waste the limited time we have left on this earth.

But God!


We serve the God of second chances. He is a God of one more time. No matter how many times we mess up, God is willing to give us another chance. Regardless of how bad of a mess we made, God can still use us. We only hold ourselves back by not surrendering to His will. 

So I encourage you today to give up on trying to have it your way and hope that God will get on board. Instead, give up what it is you want to do right now and seek to find out what God wants you to do. In the end, what God has for you is far better than what you could ever plan for yourself.

In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle


“Then the Lord spoke to Jonah a second time: “Get up and go to the great city of Nineveh, and deliver the message I have given you.”This time Jonah obeyed the Lord’s command and went to Nineveh.”  – Jonah 3:1-3a


Afterthought: Encourage someone else and leave a comment below on how God came through for you one more time.



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