In honor of Mother’s Day, this blog is dedicated to my mother who I called Mama. She is no longer with me here on earth but her spirit still lives strong within me and our family. There aren’t words that could truly describe her, but I can honestly say that she was an angel who walked among us. So on today it is only befitting that I share with the world what she meant to me.

Who was she?


A Woman of God – First and foremost, she was a godly woman. Of all the things I could say about her, the main thing I could say is that you experienced God when you met her. She was truly something special. Though I know no one is perfect, it was hard to find fault in her. To know her was to love her and to have felt love. She had way of making everyone that came in contact with her feel loved. From her demeanor to her speech, everything about her was inviting and comforting. Her presence itself brought peace to me and could calm me in my most overwhelming moments.

A Woman of Character – There is a saying in the body of Christ that goes, “this joy that I have, the world didn’t give and the world can’t take it away.” Well that held true in her life. She had unspeakable joy. I’m talking about an inner light that shone in her even in the darkest moments in her life. Regardless of what obstacles were thrown her way, her attitude remained positive. She did not allow the actions of others to change her.

To be honest, there were times that I would get frustrated because I would want her to get mad about certain situations.


No matter how I , or anyone else may have felt about it, never did I see her get out of character. She had self control that was unreal. It was as if she knew something that no one knew. At the time, it didn’t make sense to me but now that I’m older, I understand that she had an air tight relationship with God. He was the One who kept her in perfect peace no matter the storm.

A Woman of Strength – To this day, I’ve never met anyone stronger than her. Some may misconstrue the meaning of strength as one who is tough and doesn’t put up with nonsense. Oh, her strength was so much different. She had a quiet and gentle strength. One that the strongest of people couldn’t handle. It would be easy for anyone on the outside to mistake it for being passive but as I have grown to experience life, I know that she had strength of the Almighty God himself.


She faced trial after trial yet still gave God the glory.


The more the enemy tried to take her down, the more she prayed, the more she studied God’s Word, the more she surrendered to His will. Do you understand what type of power that takes…to surrender the outcome to God? We often look for plan B,C,D and so on just in case God doesn’t do what we ask Him to do. Not my Mama. She stood her ground even when the foundation was shaky. When the winds blew, she held on for dear life to what God promised her. This is no easy task to just let God have His way, but my Mama seemed to do it with ease.

A Woman of Class – This is something that cannot be bought but it can be taught. Not only was she classy with her style but also in how she carried herself. I never saw a different person in church on Sunday from the person I saw on any other day. Regardless of who was around she was the same. She was giving, kind, and patient, always willing to help others in need. Goodness was in her bones so much so that she always found grace to give others whether or not it was deserved.

A Faithful Woman


My mother was faithful in so many ways. For one, she was a faithful wife to my father whom she was with for over forty years. She was faithful to her children, always sacrificing to make sure we were happy and loved. As a grandmother, nothing was too good for her grand-baby. Her bond with her siblings could never be shaken. As a friend, her loyalty was strong and unmovable. Most importantly to her, she was faithful to God. I truly believe that is how she was able to be all that she was, because she was willing to die to her flesh so that God could get the glory.

I could go on and on about my Mama because she has taught me so much.

At the same time I understand that not everyone have been blessed to have such a loving mother. If that is you, I’m sorry you couldn’t have that experience with your mother. In spite of it, I want you to take hope that you can become that experience for your own children or any that you may mentor.

You have the power to break the cycle.


For those of you reading who have a mother that is alive and breathing, I encourage you to love on her, call her if you haven’t spoken in a while, and celebrate her for all that she has done for you. Make her feel special and loved not only today but everyday. It is easy to take for granted the time you have with her on earth.

Appreciate her now.


To any of you who may be in the same boat as myself, let me tell you, I understand. For some, this may be the first Mother’s Day without your mother and for others, some time has past. Regardless of the the time span, I know this day can often be difficult. So I encourage you to let the tears fall if they must, but let it be for a short period of time. Spend the majority of today focused on the good times you got to spend with her. Remember the sayings she had, the meals she cooked, the times she was being silly or those moments when she had your back. Whatever it is that is good, think on these things.


In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle


I love you Mama!! Happy Mother’s Day!

“Her children stand and bless her. Her husband praises her. There are many virtuous and capable women in the world but you surpass them all.” – Proverb 31:28-29 NLT


I would love to hear from you about your mother. Leave a comment below and give her a shot out!




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    Chandra Stephens

    Beautiful writing Brandi! As I recall your mother, all of it is true. It has to be; how else could Dot have made the best macaroni & cheese ever without great love! Really, her recipe needs to be featured in a magazine. Thanks Brandi, for sharing your story with your kind and beautiful Mom. It is heart-warming, enlightening, and thoughtful. Oh, Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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      Brandi Michelle

      Chandra thank you. Yes, people still talk about her Mac n cheese to this day. I appreciate you reading and your kind words.


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