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Love Hurts

Many of us have heard the term love hurts. The meaning of this phrase can be taken in different ways. Some may think it to mean that you can love someone so much that it hurts. However, others feel that when you love someone, at some point and time, they will do or say something to hurt you. I tend to look at it from a different perspective.

What will you sacrifice for love?

I view this term to mean that you love someone so deeply that you are willing to sacrifice something you desire to benefit them. Though love is not supposed to hurt through abuse of any kind, it should hurt by being selfless.

The greatest example of this kind of love is that which Jesus Christ showed us through His journey to and on the cross. This was not something He desired to do but He chose to do for our sake.

pleading with God


Despite knowing that we would doubt His love, question His existence, and turn our back on Him, Jesus still loved us enough to die for us. He was beaten, humiliated, stabbed and suffered on the cross all because He loved imperfect people. 

Unfortunately, we live in a sinful world and it is our natural inclination to be selfish. It’s easy to look at love as what someone else can do to make us happy. As soon as we feel that we are not happy, that love fades away. If this were not so, there wouldn’t be so many people secretly unhappily married or divorced. There was a breakdown where one or both people decided not to sacrifice for the other.

Love Hurts


But as we celebrate this month of love, aren’t you glad that God is not like man. No matter how we let Him down with our actions or neglect Him altogether, He still loves us. His love for us is unfailing, everlasting and steadfast. There is nothing that we have done to deserve it but He showers us in it anyway with each new day.

everlasting love


If we are honest, there are times when it hurts to love God. I have been there many times. When life gets hard and things happen that you can’t seem to understand, love hurts. Maybe God has asked you to give up doing something that you don’t want to walk away from, and love hurts. Making the decision to obey is not easy, but you do it because of your love for God. Perhaps you were believing God to come through for you in a certain situation, but it turned out that it wasn’t in His plan.

Once again love hurts.


We are called to be disciples for Christ. To truly walk in this position will prove in time that love hurts. We must make a decision to love God enough that we die to our flesh. 

So I challenge you to take a look at your life and ask yourself if loving God ever hurts you. If the answer is no, you may want to reevaluate your relationship and ask Him what is it He needs from you because true love isn’t love until it hurts.

In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle


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