love can heal

Love Heals

With Valentine’s Day having just past, the world has been celebrating love. It’s natural that we tend to look at love as a feeling we have for someone special in our lives. However, in actuality, love is an action. Last week we discussed how love hurts, so this week let’s talk about how love heals. 

Love can heal

Just in case you didn’t know, God is love. It is because of what He is, that we are able to love others. 

The Bible tells us that God heals those who are broken-hearted. It is because of His love that health is restored back to us. The fact that He took lashes that left Him with stripes on His body is proof that love heals. 

heal the brokenhearted

As long as you keep living, you are bound to enter into a season of brokenness. Whether it is losing a loved one, having people walk out of your life, or being betrayed by those you trusted, it is only by the love of God that you can truly be healed. 

It’s hard to see how love can heal when you are in the midst of it all. Your faith is tested, your judgment is cloudy and love is the last thing you feel. But God is not a man that He shall lie. So if He says that He heals the broken-hearted, then it is so. What we fail to understand is that He can’t heal what we don’t give Him.


Love Heals


In reality, when something hurts or is out of whack in your body, it can’t necessarily be fixed if you doctor on yourself. Yes, you can temporarily provide relief but you don’t have the credentials to prescribe yourself what you need. Doctor’s have certain permissions that a regular person does not. They have been trained and have done what was required in order for them to become a physician. With this certification, they have permission to write out prescriptions needed to heal specific ailments. However, their having the ability to write out the prescriptions means nothing unless they have a patient to prescribe the meditation to. 

Tell Him About It


You go to a doctor to receive a physical healing, but you must go to God for your emotional healing. A doctor can’t heal you of our sickness if you never tell them of your problem. Although God is omniscient, He can’t heal us if we do not give Him what hurt us.

Kiss the boo boo

When my daughter was younger, if she fell and scratch herself, she would always come to me to make it feel better. Even if I never put any ointment on her wound or placed a band-aid over it, if I just kissed it, my love seemed to heal it. The way love heals is amazing!

It’s a Mystery


The works of God can’t be explained, that’s why He is God. He has the ability to comfort and heal us in a way the science can’t interpret. Even when we don’t believe and turn our back to Him, still God’s love heals us. 

love will heal


So when life shows up at your door, don’t look for a temporary fix. Drugs can’t make it better, lust won’t fill it, and work can’t take it away. Only the love of God can heal it. And ss they used to sing in the old church:


“Let us have a little talk with Jesus 

Let us tell Him all about our troubles

He will hear our faintest cry

And He will answer by and by.”


Just tell God where it hurts and trust Him to love it all away.


In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle



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