Lies from the enemy


Have you ever thought about why is it easier to tell a lie than it is to tell the truth? Those with children, as well as having been a child yourselves at one point, know that lying to get out of trouble is something we’ve all done. It doesn’t mean it worked, but we did it anyway. A misconception we have is that people learn to lie. If that were so, why does it come so easy to us? How is it that toddlers can look at you with chocolate all over their face and say they didn’t eat the candy? It’s because we were all born with a sinful nature. This was a consequence we all had to suffer when Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the garden. Unfortunately telling lies comes second nature to us.

The enemy wants nothing more than to trick you with lies. If he can get you to believe them, then he can come into your life and take what’s yours or convince you to give it up on your own. As a parent, you have to know your child because sometimes the lies being told could actually sound believable. That is what Satan wants, for us to begin to believe the lies he whispers to us. If he can do that, then the door has open for him to steal what is rightfully ours. It provides an opportunity for him to kill our destiny with our help.

He will use people and circumstances to keep you from God’s best. Those thoughts of not being good enough to accomplish your goals….LIES! “Your life is not worth living”…..LIES! “If you haven’t made me mad, I wouldn’t have hit you”…..LIES! “God gave you someone else’s spouse because they are suppose to be with you”…..LIES! “You are not an addict because you can quit whenever you want”…..LIES! “If you step out on faith you will be disappointed”…..LIES! “Your children won’t amount to be much because of their rebellious behavior”…..LIES! “You are not smart enough to pass that exam on the first try”….LIES! “Your business will fail if you try to start it”…..LIES! “You filed bankruptcy so you will never get ahead financially”…..LIES! “No man is going to marry you because you have too many children”…..LIES! “You didn’t get the job because you are a failure”……LIES! “Your family is dysfunctional so your life will be too”…..all LIES!

Stop letting the devil punk you.


He is so manipulative and conniving that he will make you think that the grass is greener on the other side but hide the fact that the grass you see is artificial. His plan is to stop you from winning by making you think you are getting over or convince you that you are not capable of making progress. Slowly but surely, you’ll find yourself in a place and not know how you ended up there. God was talking all the while but you chose to ignore Him because His advice went against what your flesh wanted.

But the Devil is a lie!

Anything that goes against the Word of God is wicked and evil. The world has so many believing that if you want it, you can have it, regardless of who it hurts or the lives it destroys. The enemy will use people, even the ones you love, to wreak havoc in your life and throw you off course. His job is to take what is rightfully yours, kill your dreams and destroy your life. Why would we be willing participants in this plot by feeding into his lies? Jesus came to the earth to give us life and life more abundantly but Satan wants to make you think what he has is better. It is time to take a stand and put the enemy in his place. 

Remember God has given us the power and authority to trample over anything that is not of Him. So when you hear the whispers inside your head and your past plays in your mind, take a stand and speak God’s word over your life. He says that old things have passed away and its time to walk in the the new thing He has waiting for you. It’s not over, you’re not alone, you are an overcomer, and most importantly,  you are loved by God!

                                                                                                            In Relentless Pursuit,

                                                                                                                 Brandi Michelle

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” -John 10:10 NLT



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