God Is In Control

It’s Above Me Now

I am a planner and I must admit that having some type of control over my life gives me a sense of comfort. Knowing what is coming next allows me to prepare in advance and have a feeling of accomplishment. Unfortunately at this time, I’m not even able to plan for the next day and I realize that it’s above me now.

Surrender Control

This may make me seem a little weird, but having a plan makes me happy. I am all about being proactive, organized and a step ahead of the game. Having my freezer stocked, cabinets full and linen closet with ample toilet tissue has always made me feel secure. However, not only am I unable to plan ahead, but the world is in a state where we have to take it day by day. Grocery stores are limited or completely out of stock of necessities. Restaurants are closing down and income for many is questionable.

God is in Control

Like many of you, the plans I made for not only the month of March but also for April have been canceled. Hearing each day that this will get worse before it gets better, leaves me to question the plans I’ve made for the entire year. Nothing at this point is stable and concrete.

It’s Above Me Now


 I find it not strange that every nation is finding themselves uncertain of each day to come. Do I have all that I need at home? What if my place of employment doesn’t survive and I’m left jobless? Will this virus infiltrate into my family? And if you feel like I feel, will the schools open back up at the time it is scheduled? 

And All The Parents Said….. Amen!!


If this time of quarantine has done nothing else, it has confirmed that nothing is in our control. It’s above me now and God has complete control over everything. We love to quote the scripture Romans 8:28 that God works everything out for good. The key, however, is that He works things out according to His purpose. We do not know why COVID-19 has taken over the world as rapidly and aggressively as it has within a week’s time. What I do know is that it was necessary and God is using it for His purpose.


God establishes


Families are confined to spending time together. Parents are having to actively be involved in their child’s education. People are having to be creative in how they use their time stuck in the house. Church has now gone back to how it originally began, outside of a building and in small groups.


God Will Get Our Attention One Way Or Another


All of this is proof that God has His hand in it. It’s not for us to understand because it’s above our level of thinking. His ways and thoughts are higher Wait on Godthan ours. Although some of us want to know everything and be in charge, in this season, God is capturing everyone’s attention. In Psalms 46:10 He tells us to be still and know that He is God. Since we can be hard-headed and strive to do it all ourselves, God has brought us to a point where we must be still. In the end, He will be lifted up and exalted.


This is the time to realize that Jesus is Lord over all things. As much as we may want to control our lives, it is ultimately in His hands.  So if you have put off accepting Christ into your life I encourage you to wait no longer. 


Take this time of seclusion to deepen your relationship with God. Seek His will for your life and work on being a better you.


In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle


So tell me, how are you using this time at home? What creative ideas have you come up with to pass the time yet be productive? I’d love to hear about it below in the comments.


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