recognizing distractions

It’s A Setup

In just a few days we all will be entering into not just a new year but another decade. Many people, including myself, are taking this time to reflect on the past. What worked out or didn’t, what we can do better, and so on. Contemplating these things can be helpful, however, be careful not to linger too long on them because it’s a setup.

recognizing distractions


The enemy is prowling seeking who he can devour. So what better way to bring you down than to get into your head. Once this is done, we typically self-sabotage without even realizing it.


As we are preparing to move forward and closer to the things God has waiting on us, the enemy will show up at the perfect time with a gift. More than likely it is something that you desire to have or have been praying for God to send. If you are not seeking God about everything that is presented to you, you can fall prey to a trap.

Remember the enemy knows what you like


Even that which seems familiar and comfortable to us can be a setup to keep us from our destiny. I don’t know where you are in your life, but God has a plan for us to progress into something bigger than ourselves and that alone can be scary and overwhelming.


“What’s going to happen? Will it work out? Do I have what it takes? Will I be accepted?


These may be some questions you ask yourself when a new opportunity presents itself. The fear of the unknown can and will easily send you back to what’s familiar. It’s a setup to push you further from what God is trying to do in your life.


Take for instance the story about the two cities Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19. God told Lot to get his family and leave the city before He destroyed it all that remains inside. Lot so hesitated to leave that the angels had to grab him and his family and pull them out of the city. They were told to never look back what they were able to escape. 


After they were lead outside the city, Lot saw the destruction begin to rain down from heaven over the cities. He was grateful and continued to move forward to a safe place where God was leading him. However, his wife, unsure of what was ahead and missing that which was familiar to her, stopped and looked back at the city God lead them out. She set herself up to be destroyed with the things that were behind her. 




As you are preparing to enter into the new decade of 2020, is there anything familiar that has presented itself back in your life? If so, it is something you know God delivered you from and out of? 


It’s A Setup!


Don’t allow the enemy to trick you and make you a willing participant in your own downfall. God has given you vision to see greater things ahead of you. Though you may not have the full picture or know where you are headed, you must trust that if God is leading you, it must be better than what’s behind you. 


God promised that:


latter will be greater


So this is not the time to look back on what was and focus on what is to come. Understand that God has a plan to prosper you and give you hope and a future. Don’t gamble your destiny just so that you can be comfortable, it’s a setup!


God is calling me to let go of my need to have my feelings validated, what has He called you to let go of this new year? Share it below in the comments.


In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle



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