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It Takes Faith

For the entire month of January, I have been talking about having a vision and working your plan. Actually there aren’t many places you can turn without seeing the phrase “2020 vision” or that of the like. However, while it’s great to have your vision written and your plan in action, it takes faith to see it to fruition.


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In my YouTube video titled “Do It Afraid”,  I discussed how some goals can be scary to accomplish. It takes faith to work the plan and do it in spite of the fear.

The Bible talks about in Hebrews 11:1 how having faith requires us to believe in what we can’t see. There may be a dream, vision or desire that has been placed in you that you may not know how it could come to pass. It takes faith to trust that if God gave it to you, He will see to it that it happens.

what is faith?

In Genesis chapter 12, God gave Abraham a hint at his future. He declared that he would have descendants as many as the stars. The fact that Abraham and his wife Sarah didn’t have children in their old age, made that vision seem impossible. There was no physical evidence Abraham could hold on to, so all he had was his faith that God would do what He said.

Abraham's descendants

But I have Faith


Each year I have created a vision board and this year was no different. I have it broken out into nine different areas of my life. To be honest, some of the things I have on my board I have no physical evidence that they will come to pass this year.


One thing I’ve decided to do is to not allow my limited thinking to put an infinite God into a box. Though I may not see how it will happen with my natural eye, I choose to see it by faith.


We serve a great and mighty God that is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above anything we can ask or think. So who am I to think that the desire He’s placed in me is too big for Him to make happen in my life.


It Takes Faith


If you ever want to see the biggest of your visions and goals to come true, having faith needs to be a part of your process. There are going to be times when you want to give up trying. Things will happen in your life this year to distract you from your purpose and stop you from moving forward. This is when your faith has to kick in and remind you of the God you serve and His promises.


Going back to Abraham, not only did God want him to believe something he couldn’t see but He told him to leave his country. So Abraham had to have enough faith in God to leave the life he had always known to go to an unfamiliar place.


It takes faith to be obedient. 


If Abraham would not have obeyed God’s command, who’s to say the world would be what it is today. Anyone reading this should know that we are all the descendants that God spoke of thousands of years ago.


So as we continue through the remainder of this year and years to come, remember that it takes faith to do what seems to be impossible. I encourage you to get in God’s Word and grab hold to scripture that speaks to your vision. No matter what obstacle may come your way, remember what God told you.


In what ways do you encourage yourself to have faith over a situation in your life? Share it below in the comments.


In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle



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