If God Is All You Have God Is All You Need

As I stated in my last post, I am ending this year with posts based on things I have learned during this unusual year of 2020. Having had months of being at home like many other people around the country, a key take-a-way for me is that if God is all you have God is all you need.


God is with you


You may be able to relate to the feeling of loneliness even before the pandemic. Whether you felt this way in your marriage, as a single parent, bachelor/bachelorette, or in a room full of people, more than likely that feeling was magnified this year.


It is in these moments God is urging us to look to Him to fill that void. Often we are quick to call someone, log on to social media, or go somewhere to be around people in order to distract us from how we feel. 

God is with you


It is in these times when you feel alone that you need to turn to God to remove that emptiness. As you see, His Word tells us that He will strengthen and help us. Twenty-twenty has proven to all of us that we can’t rely on people to fill us up.


How do you combat feeling lonely?


Here are four things you can do when you feel alone:


  1. Pray 

That is an obvious answer. Use this time to talk to God. It doesn’t have to be a deep, theological prayer with “thees” and “thous”. Just talk to Him as you would if you were talking to your friend. After all, that is what He wants to be for you. 


You don’t have to worry about your business getting out in the streets or being judged about how you feel. Talking to God is the safest thing you can do.


  1. Listen To Worship Music

Whether your cup of tea is Hillsong and Kim Walker-Smith, Tye Tribett, Erica Campbell and Lecrae, or if you’re old school turn on some Dottie Peoples and Mississippi Mass Choir. It’s all music that edifies God and is guaranteed to change your mood.


If it makes you cry, get it out. On the other hand, if it makes you get up and dance, go for it. Before it’s all over you will feel His presence with you.


If God Is All You Have, God Is All You Need.


  1. Focus on a Scripture

You don’t have to be a bible scholar or be deep into the Word. Just google “scriptures for loneliness” and you will find a plethora of verses to read. 


Just choose one and read it. If you don’t understand it, read it again and ask God to help you apply it to your situation. Sometimes I will just continue to repeat a scripture until my mood changes.


Even if you find yourself in the deepest and darkest valley, God said He is there with you.


in the valley

  1. Write It Down

You don’t have to be one that journals regularly. You’d be amazed at how your mood can shift just by writing out your thoughts to God on paper. You may not be able to find the exact words to speak in prayer, however, it may be easier to write it out. Once you have gotten it off of your mind you can choose to keep it as a reminder or destroy the evidence of your thoughts.


Being a blogger I can attest to the fact that even when you don’t know what to write if you start writing something, your mind will begin to pour out onto the paper.


So next time you are overcome with the feeling of loneliness, try some of these ideas. Becoming consistent in this you will find that your happiness and contentment are no longer predicated on who is or is not around.


You can grow to find joy and peace in God that no one can take away from you. At the end of the day, if you have God you have more than enough.


In Relentless Pursuit,


Brandi Michelle


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