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How To Let The Spirit Lead You

Do you remember playing the game “follow the leader” as a child? A person was chosen as the leader and whatever they said to do, you would follow. For the sake of fun, there wasn’t much of anything that you wouldn’t do. But now as an adult, we aren’t influenced as easily, even when it comes to following God. So here are some tips on how to let the Spirit lead you.


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There are so many things in life that we give the power to influence us. It can be our job, friends, family, finances, or even strangers we follow on social media. Yet somehow we find it difficult to allow the Spirit of The Creator to lead us.


Why is that?


Is it because we can’t see it? Well if we use that excuse, we also can’t see the wind but we can feel it, right? You can step outside and feel the cool wind blowing, indicating that you need to go back inside and put on a jacket. Or on a hot summer day, you can feel the lack of a cool breeze. The steam of a humid day would lead you to put on some shorts and a tank top. We can’t see the wind or the temperature but because we can feel it, we allow it to dictate how we dress for the day.


Learn To Trust What You Can’t See


So with that being said, yes, we can’t physically see the Spirit of God but if we allow ourselves, we can definitely feel it. We can sense when something doesn’t feel right. There are times when that “gut feeling” is telling us to do the opposite of what our heart or mind may direct us to do. I’m sure you’ve had that moment when you said to yourself, “something told me not to do that” or “I knew I should have done it anyway”. Well, that something is the Spirit of the living God trying to direct you in the way you should or shouldn’t go.


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How to Let the Spirit Lead You


1) Be Quiet 


When someone comes to me needing advice on a situation, the main thing I want them to do is to be quiet while I’m speaking. If they are talking over me or allowing something else to distract them, it comes across as disrespect to the time I am giving them. After all, you came to me, right?


 It can make you feel as if the help you’re trying to offer is of no value to them. So when we find ourselves needing the guidance of God, it’s best that we be quiet and allow Him to direct our path.


be quiet

2)Stop Chasing Your Feelings 


I can say that I’ve learned my feelings can and will mess me up. The thing about feelings is that they can be temporary. How you feel today isn’t necessarily how you will tomorrow, let alone in 5 years.


Chasing your feelings and not God will put you in a rat race, consistently chasing your own tail and never getting anywhere. If you allow the Spirit to lead you, you may not understand why you’re being led to forgive. It may not make sense to you to reach out to your absent parent. Going to therapy may feel like it’s a waste of time. 


However, we may never understand why God directs us to do the things He has placed on our hearts. What matters is that we allow the Spirit to lead us, not how we feel.


Don't Trust Your Feelings

3) Ask For Wisdom


As we grow up and mature, we go through seasons where we don’t have the answers to certain things. Grade school serves as a foundation of what we will need to sustain us throughout adulthood. Certain subjects are more difficult than others and we need additional help. We may have had to stay in class a little later or come back after school. In some cases, an outside tutor was required. When you needed wisdom on the subject matter, you had to ask for it in some form.


So if you have come to the end of yourself and realize that you don’t know what you’re doing or how to proceed, ask God. When you humble yourself enough to let God know that you depend on Him to guide you, He will use anything and anyone to come across your path to give you the wisdom you need to make the best decision. Just make sure your eyes and heart are open to receive what He shows you.


Now Put It Into Action


God’s Spirit lives on the inside of all those who have accepted Jesus as our Lord. Therefore you are equipped with all that you need. Getting quiet, not being led by your feelings, and seeking wisdom are all ways that will invite the Holy Spirit to take over and show us the way in which we should go. The question is, how can you make room for that this week in your life?


time for action


Maybe you follow these steps when you’re tempted to spend money you know you need to save. You might need to think about this when your children are making poor choices and you’re not sure how to handle the situation. Regardless of what you may be faced with, always remember to allow God to lead you.

In Relentless Pursuit,


Brandi Michelle



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