God Gives The Greatest Gifts

We are moving closer to the end of the busiest season of the year. Gifts have been purchased and wrapped with anticipation of the recipient opening them with joy. Time, effort, and thought have been put into finding the perfect gift. But no matter how good you may think your gift will be, know that God gives the greatest gifts.


God gives the greatest gifts


If you are a parent then you know that sometimes your kids can work your last nerve. Sometimes they listen when it’s convenient for them. Other times they do what they need to do after you’ve threatened them. But somehow it doesn’t matter how many times you have had to get on to them throughout the year, you still make sure that they have the best possible Christmas you can give them.


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Isn’t that what God does for us daily?


One of the greatest gifts He gives us each day is the gift of grace. We can let Him down over and over again. Even promise to do better yet fail at the next opportunity, but still, God gives us grace. He never runs out of chances to give us.


There are so many times that we all have deserved whatever consequence comes with our actions but God said otherwise. Just as we love our children and still want to bless them in spite of their behavior, God loves us even more.


God Gives The Greatest Gifts


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Of all the 3 gifts mentioned in this blog, all are predicated upon the gift of the birth of Jesus. After all, it is the reason we celebrate Christmas if you’re a Christian.


It is so easy to get caught up in the giving and receiving of gifts during this time of year. But I challenge each of you to take time to reflect on the greatest gift, which is God placing Himself in human form to walk this earth and feel all of the same things we do in life.


If you understand the meaning of empathy, then you may know the great feeling of being understood by someone else. For God to come down off of His throne just so He could empathize with the same ones who would reject, fail and even curse Him, is a gift that many of us can’t fathom ever giving to others.


The Ultimate Gift


However, of all the gifts God gives us, the gift of salvation through the bloodshed of Jesus is perhaps the greatest. 


for God so loved


God knew we would betray Him. He fully understood that we wouldn’t consistently be faithful to Him, yet and still, He didn’t give us what we deserved. Romans 6:23 tells us that “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” So even when we deserved death, God gave us the greatest gift by sacrificing the life of His Son so that we have a life with Him eternally.  


We are quick to cancel others who have wronged or disagree with us. But regardless of how we behave or what wrong we have done, God doesn’t leave nor forsake us. Because of grace, whatever gift we receive from God, nothing or no one can take it away from us. 


For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.  Romans 11:29


So as you finish up your last-minute shopping and prepare to give and receive gifts of your own, remember that God gives the greatest gifts of all. Thank Him for His grace. Praise Him for the birth of Christ and give Him glory for salvation. 


In Relentless Pursuit,


Brandi Michelle


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