God is Fighting For Me

Fighting For Me

At some point and time in our life, we are going to be faced with a battle. Though we hope we won’t have to go through trials, God has pretty much guaranteed that in this world we will have trouble. Whenever trouble comes, it is normally our first reaction to handle it ourselves. Someone throws “shade” at you on social media, you automatically want to “clap back”. You may even find yourself in a situation where the one person you were counting on turned their back on you, now you feel alone and inadequate. In the midst of trouble, we want to know “who is fighting for me?” Whether or not we want to admit it, it feels good to know that someone has your back. Unfortunately, I’m sure we’ve all looked to a person to be there for us at a specific time, only to be disappointed that they did not come through.

But God…


Not only will He show up on your behalf but He will fight your battles. I can hear you asking “How can an invisible God fight for me?” One, because He is all powerful. Two, because His word states that He would and God does not lie. Lastly, He loves His children just that much. Look at it this way, parents will go through hell and high water to protect their children and fight on their behalf if someone mistreats them. Why wouldn’t the Almighty God not do the same for His children? Once you accept Jesus as Lord, you are now a child of God and fall under His protection.

The enemy walks around looking for believers to destroy and curse God. He wants us to think that when trials come, we are in it alone. Our mind will play tricks on us, causing us to feel overwhelmed if we don’t do something.  I’ve been guilty of it myself, trying to “handle it” in my own strength, not even asking God if this is how He would have me do it. Your situation may be “If I don’t take out a payday loan the car will be repossessed.”  I advise you to ask God is this what you should do. “I can’t let them say these things about me and not do anything.” Be still, let Him clear your name. “My life is falling apart and I want to give up.” Stop focusing on the size of your trouble and remember the size of  your God.

Nothing is too hard for Him.


Don’t get me wrong, we must do all that we can do but not put ourselves in a worse situation later. Anything else after that, let that be God’s problem. He has given us permission to cast our cares on Him but the problem is that we want to remain in control. If you’ve ever played the game tug-of-war, you know that you are on one side of the rope and your opponent is on the other end. You are both fighting to pull the rope out of the others person’s grip, but in doing so, you risk burning your hands holding on so tightly.  To keep from causing more damage to yourself, sometimes you just have to let go of the rope.  I remember a time when my heart was broken, I held on to that rope for as long as I could. Then God told me to let it go and allow Him to take over. Yes, it’s scary but it is absolutely worth it. No I didn’t know what was to come, but God had already worked it out in my favor. Regardless if you feel you don’t deserve it, understand and know that you are truly worth fighting for.


                                                                                                                                  In Relentless Pursuit,

                                                                                                                                       Brandi Michelle


“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14 NIV

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