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Things we do for love

Can you remember your first love? Isn’t it funny thinking back on the things you would do to get their attention? I remember staying up late at night, talking about nothing, just listening to each other breathe. There were times where I found myself doing things that now I sit back and say “that was crazy”. At the time it didn’t matter because I wanted him to feel my love.

I know I am not by myself.


I agree


I’m sure you can think of some things that you did for love that made no sense whatsoever. Maybe you changed up your style of dress or went places you had no interest in going. Or were you the type to spend money you know you did not have, just to impress them? 

Now it is one thing to show a person how much you love them, but it’s another when they do not appreciate the sacrifice you make for them. I can personally speak that this can be devastating. When you put your heart and soul into making another feel wanted, appreciated and loved, hurts when its taken for granted. We all know what that feels like, to some extent. How could someone disregard the love you have for them or the lengths you have gone to prove it?

The nerve of them, right?!


Do you realize that God understands this kind of hurt as well? Actually, it’s because of God that we are even able to extend love to others, because He, Himself is love. Think about what all God did hoping to earn our love for Him. He brought Himself to earth in human form through Jesus Christ. He performed miracle after miracle as a way of showing God’s love. Christ fought temptation so we could see that there is always a way of escape. People were fed, healed, provided for,  and set free from bondage, all as a way of proving that God’s love has no boundaries.

He was betrayed, bruised, beaten, and mocked at, so He could relate to the things we would have to endure. His love fought for us. There was nothing that God didn’t, and still to this day wouldn’t do, in order for us to feel His love. He left heaven just to die for us and all of this was done before we even made a decision whether or not we would follow or love Him back.

How much more does He need to do?


Who would sacrifice their life hoping that someone would love them? Why would someone temporarily give up living in paradise for people who might choose not to believe, obey or trust you? Who would give their life so someone else could have life more abundantly? It makes absolutely no sense! However, God’s answer is:

“So you could feel my love”.


Just let that answer sink in…… . I tell you, if you allow God’s love to penetrate your soul, you will never be the same. Never again will you accept the unacceptable or devalue your worth again. His love will set you free from people pleasing, negative self talk or trying to win a love that is unlovable. No matter who it is you love today or will love in the future, our love could never match the love of God.

So I encourage you today to find ways to love those close to you better. Lastly, not only receive God’s love for you, but to do better job at showing your appreciation for it.


In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle


“For God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not die but have eternal life.” – John 3:16 GNT 


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