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Fall Back

If you happen to be reading this on the published date, most of us gained an extra hour of rest last night. It has finally begun to cool off outside, the leaves are falling and time is falling back. Our days will change and the amount of time we have daylight will now be shorter. As many of us were sleeping and resting from the previous day’s activities, we gained back time.


Of the two occasions in the year when the time changes, I more look forward to gaining back the hour of sleep than I  do losing it.


After all, how often do we look forward to losing something of value in our lives? We go through life oftentimes trying to figure out how to gain back the time that we lost doing things that did not benefit us in the end. However, no matter what we do or how well we think we succeed at it, once time is lost, we can never gain it back.


What exactly does it mean to fall back?



In the African American community to “fall back” is a cultural colloquialism used in advising one to surrender to their request to calm down, give space or be quiet. 


Essentially, this requires a person to give up their want to be heard or seen in order to understand the bigger picture. To fall back, makes us slow down and causes us to surrender our trust to someone else.




Great gain tends to follow having a major loss.


Think about it. When parents bring a new life into the world, they gain a beautiful baby to add to their legacy. With this child, they lose sleep, privacy, and their ability to do as they please. Their time is now not their own. Yet having lost these things for a season, what they gained far outweighs it.


When receiving a promotion on your job, you gained a new position and more pay but you had to give up the comfort of what you use to do. Now you have new responsibilities and a greater level of influence. The transition is not always easy but your hard work paid off on your behalf.


Or take marriage for instance. You gain a spouse, but in order to be successful, you have to lose your old way of thinking and living. This requires you to die to yourself and be of service to someone else’s needs. Yes, there will be bumps along the way but knowing you have a partner for life makes it all worth it.


So in many things in life, you have to fall back in order to gain something valuable.



As Christians, when we make the decision to follow Christ, we too must fall back from our old ways and thoughts. Sometimes that means we have to walk away from old friendships or from a life that we are accustomed to having.


Oftentimes this also means that God has to remove things from our life as well. We get rejected, lose material things, or are isolated for a period of time.


It’s easy to confuse losing things or people that matter to us with the enemy trying to attack us. Sometimes it’s really God just trying to get our attention.


When we become so distracted by life and all that comes with it, God has a way of making us fall back to create space for us to allow Him into our lives. As a matter of fact, to be a follower of Christ, He calls us to lose our self-reliance and depend totally on Him.


The Bible asks us a question about what good is it to gain the whole world yet lose your soul in doing so?


In the end, what you actually gain is isolation, emptiness, bitterness, and frustration. The world cannot fill the gaps that were only meant for God to inhabit within. In a sense, we must be willing to lose the lives that we know in order to gain the life that Christ has for us.


Just as when Jesus began to start His ministry, He met Peter and his brother Andrew while they were working as fishermen. Jesus told them to come and work with Him doing what they have always done but using their profession for a different purpose. Instead of fishing for fish, they would begin fishing to save souls.

fishing for souls

Peter and Andrew had to be willing to fall back from what they knew and place their trust in Jesus knowing that they would gain so much more by following Him.


Ask yourself, what are you willing to lose in order to gain God’s purpose for your life?


Will you sacrifice your plan, your desire to please your flesh or your determination to make something happen before God’s timing? The enemy wants us to feel as if we will miss out on something great if we make the decision to follow Christ wholeheartedly. This is his oldest trick to keep us bound to the world so that we miss out on gaining what God has for us.


I want to encourage anyone that may be reading this that may be on the fence about truly living for God or even second-guessing their decision of doing so.


Although you may not see it now in your current situation, God is able to restore back to you what you have lost. We must trust that He will make it happen in His own timing. His Word says that our latter shall be greater than our past, so believe it regardless of what you see.


God doesn’t just give us back what we lost, but He can multiply it in good measure, pressed down, shaken together till it overflows in our lives.


So yes the waiting may cause us to grow weary weary in well doingbut God promises that if we keep the faith, fall back from the timeline we created and continue to follow Christ, we will reap a reward and gain so much more than we thought we lost.



In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle


I would love to hear of testimonies about God added to your life once you made the choice to fall back and surrender to His will. Leave a comment below and encourage others.



Those who try to gain their own life will lose it; but those who lose their life for my sake will gain it.” – Matthew 10:39 GNT


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