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Don’t Count Yourself Out

Although this post is not about the election, I would be remiss not to mention it. This country has witnessed another history-making election on so many levels. It was such an unprecedented race that literally proved that every vote counted. Regardless of who you voted for, there is one thing I think we all can learn for ourselves. No matter how far behind you may feel, don’t count yourself out.


Don't Count Yourself Out


As we approach the end of what has been a very difficult and history-making year, I along with many of you have begun to reflect on its different events.


Though everyone has their own personal take on the year, I would like to take these last few weeks and reflect on the different lessons I’ve learned. The events within this year have been arduous, and 2020 has not been easy for me. Nonetheless, it’s been good for me overall. One thing it has taught me is not to count myself out.


It Is A Process


I have found that sometimes in order to get to the good, you must first go through some bad.God is your strength It is when you have been hit with the bad that you find out whether you will stand or fall.


We can refer to several stories in the Bible that cover individuals who were counted out because of their conditions and circumstances. Take the Apostle Paul for instance. He was someone who faced many hardships during his life.


In 2 Corinthians 11:16-33 Paul briefly runs down a list of adversities he had to endure. His life was in danger, he was beaten, abandoned, thrown in prison and the list goes on. Anyone could have easily counted him out. Yet and still he ended up becoming one of the most influential people in the Bible, considering that He wrote about half of the New Testament.


It’s Never Too Late


You could also look at Joseph in Genesis chapters 37-50. He was betrayed by his own family, lied on, imprisoned, and forgotten. Anyone would think that his future was doomed. However, God turned what was meant for evil to work out for Joseph’s good.


meant for evil


Lastly, Jesus Christ himself was the one who ultimately was counted out by others. He too was beaten, imprisoned, betrayed, and unjustly crucified on the cross. Those who witnessed it thought He was gone forever, but on the third day, He rose with all power in His hand.


Don’t Count Yourself Out


As you look back over 2020, what has happened in your life that you may have thought was over for you? Were you or a family member directly affected by COVID-19?



Did you lose your job or have your finances taken a big hit? Maybe you received some news that rocked you to your core. Did you think you would get through it or did you count yourself out?


Let me encourage you today that if you are alive to read these very words, don’t count yourself out and don’t give up. God still has a plan for your life. In spite of the challenges you may have or be currently facing, there is hope for you.


God says that He knows the plans that He has for you and they are to prosper you and not harm you. Although there are some things that have happened in my life, as well as some of you reading, that may have grieved us in some form, trust that God will use that for your good.


God Wastes Nothing


Just as the apostle Paul and Joseph made it through all that they had to go through, you can make it through your struggles as well. Not in your own strength but by the grace of God.


So don’t place your focus on what’s wrong, who won or didn’t win the election, what was taken from you, or what hurt you. Put your focus on the One who is bigger than your problems. 


look up

Keep your eyes on the One who has the power to change everything in your life. Anchor yourself on the One who holds your future in His hands. Fix your thoughts on God. The more you do that, I can attest to the fact whatever is burdening you becomes smaller and God becomes bigger.


I’m not saying that your problems will disappear, but your mind will be renewed. You also would more likely begin to look at your situation from a different perspective. One that views it through the eyes of God and not your own.


So don’t count yourself out in this season. With each new day that God grants you, take hold of His new mercies and make the best out of them.



In Relentless Pursuit,


Brandi Michelle



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