Be On The Watch

I think it is safe to say that none of us have ever experienced a pandemic of these portions. Currently, the world is pretty much quarantined to their home at this time. Due to COVID-19, we all have to be on the watch for symptoms and socially distance ourselves from others. 


Schemes of the enemy


The year 2020 has only been here for 3 months, yet it has come in with a bang that none of us expected. Is God trying to speak to us? What is He trying to say? Well if we pay close attention to all that is going on in the world, God makes it clear in His Word what His intentions are. 


Recently, I learned that not only is the coronavirus lurking in the earth, but there are other disasters that have taken place. Australia has had wildfires to ravage through its country and Africa has had locust swarming eating up crops. It was then brought to my attention that God spoke of all of this before.


heal the land


A coincidence? There is nothing done by God that is by coincidence. He is purposeful and intentional in everything He does. 


Be On The Watch


It is clear that we all need to be on the watch. The enemy is roaming the earth like a roaring lion seeking to devour anyone that gets in its path. Although I can’t say how these weapons were formed, I do know that they will not prosper. God is powerful enough to work even the worse situations out for the good of those who love Him.


roaring lion


The enemy, however, wants to trick us into thinking that God has left us and doesn’t love us. Well in case you didn’t know, “the devil is a lie!” He will put all kinds of thoughts in your head to make you sabotage your destiny. 



Steal, Kill & Destroy


Be on the watch because Satan wants to use everything he can to separate us from God. It is God’s desire for us to be in community with others. Yet we are forced to socially distance ourselves from anyone outside of our home. God wants us gathered together to worship Him and stand in agreement on His Word, however, churches are now closed to the public. Jobs are being lost, the economy is declining and people don’t know how they will take care of their families. This all happened within a matter of days.


Steal, kill, destroy

Now the enemy has us all in a very vulnerable place where depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and despair can sit and marinate within us. The enemy has us in isolation.


So be on the watch of the enemy’s tricks and schemes and remember that Christ came so we can have life and have it more abundantly. This is not the time to coward down and give up, but this is the time to tap into that mustard seed faith and believe God.



Where’s Your Faith?


Believe that God is for you and not against you. Trust that He will fight your battles if you would just be still. Don’t doubt His love for you. Have faith that He has a plan to prosper and not harm you. Know that He will never leave or forsake you.


Lean into His Word in this season. All the answers we will ever need are in the love letter He left us, the Bible. With all this extra time a lot of us have, begin to learn about Him for yourself. You will soon find that He will give you peace that surpasses all understanding.


In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle


P.S. I encourage anyone who has not given their life to Christ to do so now. Time will not wait for you. It’s very simple. Just repeat these words: “Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins. Meet me where I am and come into my heart today. I make you my Lord & Savior.” 





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