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As For Me And My House

I’m sure everyone heard about a week ago that the governor of Georgia made the decision to re-open several non-essential businesses. This was a decision that was made while in the midst of COVID-19 cases rising within the state. This sent up an uproar across the nation and a great debate between other leaders. None of that really mattered to me, because as for me and my house, we are staying at home. 


Choose God


In life, we are all faced with a decision to go with what’s popular or choose what you feel is right in your heart. Before you know it, you can find yourself doing something you regret all because you caved into the pressure of going with the popular choice.


If you all think back to your teenage years or even parts of your adulthood, I know you can think of a time you made a quick and regrettable decision because you felt pressured.


living with regret

Maybe you married someone your family wanted you to marry instead of the person you truly loved. Perhaps you felt pressured to attend a school your parents attended instead of the university of your choice. It could even be as simple as hopping in the car with your friends and going somewhere your gut told you that you shouldn’t. As I said, we all can think of situations in which we did things in order to please other people.


As For Me And My House


When reading the book of Joshua, it continues on with the story about the Israelites as they entered into the promised land. They fought battle after battle and God made sure that each one was won. After Joshua became old and knew his time on earth was soon coming to an end, he wanted to make sure he expressed his concern for his people.


They were previously known for turning their backs on God as soon as their situation didn’t look ideal. Joshua remembered this fact and wanted to make sure that even after he is gone that they would always choose God, no matter the circumstance. He strongly encouraged them not to make a vow to God that they would not keep. Regardless of what they chose, he proclaimed “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”.


as for me and my house


Ask yourself if you have made this declaration over you and your family? Will you choose to serve God through a pandemic, through loss, and in famine? In spite of how the world chooses to operate, do you choose to put your trust in God?


So as the days continue to pass by and opinions are expressed, whose word will you believe? Remember the One who kept you, provided and protected you. Lean unto His understanding during times of confusion and uncertainty. Choose today who you will serve. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.



In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle


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