The Undisciplined Man

Reckless Man

I dedicated the month of May to women. Now that we are in June, this month is focusing on men. Whether or not you realize it, men are under attack.  The devil wants nothing more than an undisciplined man. This man can be tricked into thinking he can live however he chooses and still have the life that he wants. Unfortunately, this type of thinking only leads to a life of destruction.

So who is considered to be an undisciplined man?

The Manipulator

A key sign that a man lacks discipline is that he is a manipulator.  For example, let’s refer to Jacob in the Bible. This was a man who thought he could con his way into getting what he wanted. In the book of Genesis, you will find that this is a trait that ran in his family. Jacob was good at swindling people out of what was rightfully theirs without them realizing his game. He did not depend on God, but he relied on his own strength and wit to receive whatever it was he wanted.  After all he had done, he still thought that he could have the life he wanted until he met his match.

Jacob fell in love with a woman named Rachel. Though she was not the eldest daughter, her father agreed to give her away to Jacob in marriage. Little did he know, the father had a plan to trick him and give his less attractive daughter, Leah, to Jacob instead. In the end, the father conned Jacob out of 14 years of labor before he gave him his daughter Rachel.

Somehow Jacob still didn’t learn his lesson.


I say this because God had to meet him where he was and wrestle with him. Do you ever find yourself wrestling with a decision to do right when you know what you are doing is wrong? Jacob obviously had a strong will and refused to let go of this mysterious man he thought he was fighting against.  Like Jacob, you may refuse to let go of the gambling, the old crowd, the woman or even the career God told you to walk away from. But don’t you know that God is going to have the final say? As Jacob continued to wrestle, God had to knock his hip out of place, permanently leaving him with a limp. It wasn’t until Jacob let go of his will that God was able to change the course of his destiny.

The Gullible

Take for instance Sampson, in the book of Judges. He was a strong man in his physical stature yet weak in his mind. He allowed the advances of a deceiving woman to cloud his judgment. Unbeknownst to him, she was sent to destroy him. Since he moved out of the will of God, she was able to weaken his body to match his mind. In the end, he lost his life because he was not disciplined enough to walk away from temptation.

So are you really winning in life when you place it in your own hands?


In the end, it’s not worth selling your soul to the devil just to temporarily get ahead? Don’t you know it’s only a trap to make you lose? The enemy wants you to seek after what your flesh wants so that your spirit is deprived of what it needs. God has called you to be the head and the leader of your family. A good leader is disciplined and is held accountable. They are not only responsible for their actions but the actions of those they lead, are also a reflection on them. Take a good look at who you should be leading. Are you satisfied with how your wife, children, employees, or whomever you are leading, represent you? If the answer is no, it’s time to take a good look within yourself to work on the areas you lack discipline.

God is looking for men who will set a standard for other men.


Ezekiel 22:30-31

He has made you to be strong and courageous, able to stand in the gap on His behalf. You can’t be what God needs you to be if you are distracted from your purpose and undisciplined in the things of God. If you are willing to admit that you have fallen short in being disciplined, be encouraged, God can still use you. Though Jacob was undisciplined, God changed his name and raised up a mighty nation from his lineage. Sampson may have lost his strength, but God gave him another chance and he was able to take down more enemies in his death than he was able to do in his life.

So, men, it’s time to rise up and turn away from childish things. You were made for more, you were made to lead, you were made to be disciplined.

In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle

“Death is the reward of an undisciplined life; your foolish decisions trap you in a dead end.” – Proverbs 5:23 MSG

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