An Exception To The Rule

As you may have read in my previous posts, divorce can be caused by a variety of reasons. Although a certificate of divorce was declared by Moses because of the hardness of hearts, this was never a part of God’s plan for marriage. Of the different predicaments that could lead to the demise of a marriage, God’s approval for divorce is really not black and white. However, there is an exception to the rule that God makes it pretty clear divorce is an acceptable option. That is one of adultery.

an exception to the rule

When a spouse lacks discipline, it can cause all kinds of problems within a marriage. A major problem that happens all too often is infidelity. 

 God created marriage for one man and one woman.


A covenant was formed to bring two people together to become one. Unfortunately, because of one’s lack of discipline, respect for themselves and love for God, this covenant is broken and sometimes irreparable. 



Each day, there are men and women who make the decision to follow their fleshly desires rather than to choose their commitment to their spouse and family. These decisions are made without thought of the future. However, the excitement of sneaking around and the euphoric high that clouds one’s judgment will one day get old. When that time comes, what will you have left?

God created sex as a gift to a husband and wife. 


Due to the fact that we live in a fallen world, many misuse and abuse it in different ways. Scripture tells us: 


marriage bed undefiled


What that means is that sex within a marriage is blessed, pure and encouraged by the Creator himself. It’s not until sex is released outside of the parameters in which it was created, that it becomes dangerous. 


 Those who are involved in the adulterous relationship are only concerned with their own self-gratification. For those who allow it, it can become more adulteryimportant than their marriage and well being of their family. Though many marriages survive adultery, there are many that do not. For the marriages that end, God made an exception to the rule and allows the faithful spouse to divorce the unfaithful one.

The Lord holds marriage in high honor and absolutely hates divorce regardless of the reason. When a spouse makes the decision to violate the sacredness of marriage, God makes it clear that divorce is permissible. He made an exception to the rule.


 For the betrayer, infidelity is a sin against their own body.


For such an act to be committed, there are some issues that run deeper than the issues marriages face. There is a void within oneself to even put yourself in a situation to entertain the thought. 


So before you cross a line you can never undo, have someone you trust to hold you accountable. Communicate your struggles to your spouse and seek counseling. If that line has already been crossed, its time to do everything humanly possible to regain the trust of your spouse back.


For the faithful spouse, although it’s permitted, adultery does not have to lead to divorce.


Changed behavior from your spouse will show a repentant heart. However, you are not called to put up with the abuse of behavior that remains the same. Allow God to lead you in what you should do.


In Relentless Pursuit,

Brandi Michelle


“Jesus said, “Moses provided for divorce as a concession to your hard heartedness, but it is not part of God’s original plan. I’m holding you to the original plan, and holding you liable for adultery if you divorce your faithful wife and then marry someone else. I make an exception in cases where the spouse has committed adultery.”” – Matthew 19:8-9 MSG


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    Hi Brandi! What an awesome post. As someone who has gone through the trauma of infidelity I can attest that God can heal and restore a marriage after an affair has occured. We should always seek God’s will even in these tough circumstances. What I often discover is that the betrayed spouse lets bitterness and resentment build and never truly forgives the offending spouse. Even when they have shown repentance and remorse. I always tell people whether you stay or go you have to forgive and let God heal you.

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      Brandi Michelle

      Thank you EJ. I appreciated you sharing your experience. Infidelity is a very traumatic but when both partners are willing to make it work, a marriage can become better than before. I totally agree that regardless of whether the faithful spouse decides to stay or leave, forgiveness is necessary in order to be able to move forward. I am so glad your story changed the narrative of your marriage and God was able to restore! 💞


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