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My name is Brandi Michelle and welcome to my blog, Relentless Pursuit (click here to learn more about the name). I am a huge fan of Jesus Christ, (we actually go waaay back), so be prepared to hear about Him. Though the bases of this blog is rooted in faith, I come from a modern-day perspective that doesn’t focus on religion but on a relationship. So anyone, whether a believer or not, can relate to the topics covered.  I will share lessons that I have learned during different seasons of my life and how the love of God carried me through it all. 

With that said, let me insert my disclosure:


I am not here to condemn or judge anyone’s walk with God. I am however here to speak truth based on His Word and I understand that the Word can cut deep. Just know that with the cutting will also come a band-aid and some love to help make it all better. Rest assured, I am far from perfect, but it is my goal to strive to become more like Jesus every day….even when I fail.

I’ve experienced my share of heartache and pain in life, but through it all, I formed real a relationship with the Most High. He showed me a lot about myself and strengthen me in the process. Since I have been broken, hurt and lost, I am able to speak to those who may have been or are currently in those shoes. God has not forgotten about you and it is my purpose to show you that you don’t have to stay in that place.

As a matter of fact, you are now in the perfect place to

relentlessly pursue

God, Goals, and Purpose!


So moving on to a little bit about myself. I am the loving mother of a beautiful and intelligent little girl. I’m a native of Alabama (Roll Tide) and I’ve earned a Master’s degree.  I’m also an active member and servant in my church. While balancing motherhood, career, and faith, I enjoy photography, cooking, listening to music, and reading.


I am so appreciative for you taking the time to visit my blog and if you desire to do so, follow me as I share my journey. Hopefully, you will gain something valuable and interact with me along the way.

           In Relentless Pursuit,

          Brandi Michelle


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