My name is Brandi Michelle and welcome to my blog, Relentless Pursuit (click here to learn more about the name). I am a huge fan of Jesus Christ, (we actually go waaay back), so be prepared to hear about Him. Though the bases of this blog is rooted in faith, I come from a modern day perspective that doesn’t focus on religion but on relationship. So anyone, whether a believer or not, can relate to the topics covered.  I will share lessons that I have learned during different seasons of my life and how the love of God carried me through it all. 

With that said, let me insert my disclosure: I am not here to condemn or judge anyone’s walk with God. I am however here to speak truth based on His Word and I understand that the Word can cut deep. Just know that with the cutting will also come a band-aid and some love to help make it all better. Rest assured, I am far from perfect, but it is my goal to strive to become more like Jesus everyday….even when I fail.

So moving on to a little bit about myself. I am the loving mother of a beautiful and intelligent little girl. I’m a native of the great state of Alabama (Roll Tide) and I’ve earned a Master’s degree.  I’m also an active member and servant in my church. While balancing motherhood, career and faith, I enjoy photography, cooking, listening to music, and reading.

I am so appreciative for you taking the time visit my blog and if you desire to do so, follow me as I share my journey. Hopefully you will gain something valuable and interact with me along the way.

           In Relentless Pursuit,

          Brandi Michelle

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