10 Self-Care Ideas

Okay, we all know the main things that come to mind when it involves self-care. There are many ways to pamper and treat yourself. However, there may be some things that you might have never considered to be a form of self-care. So below I will give you 10 self-care ideas that could change your life.




1) Get to Know You


Honestly, what do you really know about yourself? Do you know what makes you happy that doesn’t involve another person? Are there talents and gifts that you haven’t been nurturing? What tends to make you sad or frustrated? Is there something that’s a trigger for you?


interview yourself

A part of self-care is knowing yourself. When you are unsure of who you are and what you stand for, you’re liable to be pulled in different directions.


Gain a clear understanding of the person you were and are becoming. 

2) Go to Therapy


I talked about this more in detail in a previous blog. Therapy is a form of mental and soul care. Oftentimes going to therapy can cause you to get to know yourself better. When you understand what makes you do certain things, you can better control your actions. take care of yourself mentallyHaving more control over how you handle different situations and people is beneficial to your well being.


3) Get Your Finances In Order


Most of the time when we think about self-care it involves spending money. You get your nails, toes, and hair done. Or you get a facial and a full body massage. All of these things are great to do when you have budgeted to do so. But have you ever considered not spending money as a way to care for yourself?


budget your money


I don’t know about you but having extra money at the end of the month does wonders for me. It’s a great feeling knowing that all of your needs and some of your wants are taken care of, yet you have money left over.


This is money that could be used to pay down debt or put into savings. Having control over your finances is very empowering and helps in building confidence in yourself.


4) Personal Development


When was the last time you read a book that challenged your thinking? Listening to a podcastgrowth or audiobook that encourages you to think outside the box can boost your self-confidence as well.


Now that we are living in the COVID era, attending a live conference is out of the question. However, signing up for virtual conferences or subscription-based courses that promote personal development is always an option.


Not only that but YouTube has millions of videos to watch that could assist in learning a new skill. Thanks to the internet, we have all we need at our fingertips to help us develop personally in some form or fashion.


5) Set Boundaries


Did you know that “No.”  is a complete sentence? Do you put it to use sometimes? Oftentimes we try to be everything for everyone at the expense of our own sanity.


It is say noso easy to get so caught up in helping others that we can lose sight of our own goals. Yes, it is good to assist others when you do it from a place of overflow. Trying to pour from an empty cup will only leave you frustrated and tired.


Also, setting boundaries can prevent you from being misused by others with intentions that aren’t good.


10 Self-Care Ideas


6) Protect Your Peace


This is often a result of setting boundaries. Maybe that means not answering the phone at certain times or whenever certain people call. Protecting your peace can even be putting a limit on how long you’re scrolling through social media. When you feel the spirit of comparison or envy rise up within you after seeing what people post, it’s time to protect your peace.


guard your heart

If you have people in your life that tend to come to you with their problems and drama, protect your peace. There is a difference in providing advice for those who genuinely want it and will listen. It’s another thing to keep saying the same thing to a person who comes to you with the same problems.



In the words of J.Cole, “Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved”.


7) Get Some Rest


We live in a hustle culture. It’s all about the grind and being busy doing this, that, and the other. The less sleep you get is often glorified because that means that you are up making money.




I don’t know about you, but me and sleep are pretty good friends. There is a time for everything under the sun. Yes, there will be seasons in life where we may get less sleep than usual, but this should not be normalized. Your body needs rest to recover. You can’t truly operate to your full capacity when your body is constantly in overdrive. Make time in your schedule to rest. This is something that you may have to be intentional about doing.



8) Be Aware


Do you ever take the time to just look at the sky? On a nice cool evening, have you sat on your porch or deck and just listen to the sounds surrounding you? As your kids play, do you focus on watching them and experience the joy that they feel?


be present

Social media can really be a distraction if you’re not careful. We can get so caught up in what others are doing that we are not taking the time to enjoy what’s right in front of us.


9) Pursue a Hobby


Do you make time to do the things you enjoy? Maybe you like gardening, sewing, photography, or skating. Whatever it is that brings you joy, do it or get back to doing it.


get a hobby


Having a hobby is a great way to occupy any free time you may have. It’s a chance for you to break away from your daily routine and do something that allows you to be creative or active.


10) Fast and Pray


Detoxing every now and then does your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health some good. If you are a person of faith, taking some time to fast from certain things helps you to grow closer to God. You are choosing to deny yourself some type of pleasure and using that time to pray.


fasting and praying

You may decide to fast from social media, certain food, or activities. Fasting helps you become more disciplined by taking control over what your fleshly desires and not allowing your desires to have control of you.




Was there an idea discussed above that you never considered being a form of self-care? Perhaps there is an idea not mentioned that you practice and have found to be helpful in your self-love journey. Share your thoughts below in the comments, I am interested in hearing them.


In Relentless Pursuit,


Brandi Michelle


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